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Biosecurity resources

Keep It Clean consolidates and streamlines existing biosecurity guidance by offering a simple, memorable call to action using a range of media and tools.

Please support the campaign by downloading our media and tools and using them within your organisation in any way you can. For example, attach the Keep It Clean logo to your email signature or your website, display the window sticker in your operational vehicles, or send the leaflets to your networks.



Keep it Clean logoKeep It Clean logo, to be used on platforms where biosecurity guidance and tools have been made available. Just right-click on the logo and save the picture.




Calls to action


Suite of leaflets with clear, detailed information on the latest biosecurity guidance:

We also disseminate these leafets through partner networks and publications.

Window sticker

These window stickers can be used on fleet vehicles, to remind colleagues of their daily biosecurity commitments

Show your support on Facebook and Twitter

You can show support for Keep it Clean by:

You can also share our calls to action graphics via Twitter (these Twitter-optimised graphics are designed to be downloaded and tweeted).

We welcome your feedback on these tools. If you have any comments or questions, please email us

Last updated: 11th July 2017