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Need a little extra help getting around? Our shuttle service is here to help!

Our shuttle service is designed to help visitors with additional mobility needs get from the entrance to the Old Arboretum and the restaurant and main facilities.

And now we've also introduced short walking routes from the shuttle stops, especially designed for those looking for a shorter walk, which take you into some of the most beautiful parts of the arboretum. Pick up your route map on the shuttle


Our shuttle service runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, between 10:30am – 4pm.

The service is un-timetabled but runs around every 30 minutes or so from the Welcome Building. During peak times, if you are waiting for the shuttle please be patient, it will be there as soon as possible.

Where can I get on it?

Jump on the shuttle at the Welcome Building and ride up to the edge of the Old Arboretum, or onto the restaurant and main facilities. There are several bus stops along the edge of the Old Arboretum, where you can hop off and enjoy a walk through the trees

Who can use it? 

Whilst the shuttle is not just limited to blue badge holders only, it is designed for the use of our less mobile visitors, and not for general use. Carers are welcome on the shuttle when accompanying a visitor. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to accommodate wheelchairs on the shuttle, however mobility scooters are available from the Welcome Building for those who require them.

Please note, as the shuttle is run by volunteers we cannot guarantee that it will run on the scheduled days, as it is dependent on volunteer availability. If the shuttle is essential to your visit you are strongly advised to ring ahead and check the service is running – you can do this by phoning our Welcome Building on 0300 067 4861.  

Have you been on our new mobility shuttle? Tell us what you think. Your feedback will help us develop the pilot scheme and deliver the best possible service for our visitors


What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

I havent used your mobility shuttle yet , but if I know that you have this facility I am more likely to revisit . Please try to keep this very useful service.

David Melvin , 12/Apr/2018

I am planning a visit with my family at Easter, never having been before, and as I am of the older generation and find a long walk too much these days, I'm sorry to see that the mobility shuttle is ceasing operating in March, it would have been ideal to enable me to get to the restaurant.

I've never driven a mobility scooter so perhaps I'll have to give it a go!

Anonymous, 11/Mar/2018

Thanks for sending us your feedback. The mobility shuttle service has run as a pilot, and we have recently taken the decision to extent the pilot until autumn 2018, after which a final decision will be made as to whether it becomes a full time service.

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