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Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Guaranteed income for delivery of verified Woodland Carbon Units in England over the next 30 years.

The autumn budget statement announced that the government will set up a Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme which will support the planting of around 10 million trees in England by spending £50m over 30 years to purchase Woodland Carbon Units.

This is a great opportunity for landowners considering creating woodland in England over the next few years.  Successful applicants will benefit from a guaranteed income upon delivery of verified Woodland Carbon Units over the next 3 decades.  Accessing the guarantee will require the woodland to be validated and verified to the Woodland Carbon Code.

The Woodland Carbon Guarantee is due to open in summer 2019 and in the spring we will be asking for stakeholder input to help us create and implement the most effective scheme to really stimulate the woodland carbon market in the UK.  If you have already applied for a woodland creation grant or intend to plant new woodland this winter, please note the following eligibility rules will apply;

  • New applications  after 29/10/2018 and those in progress for Countryside Stewardship, the Woodland Carbon Fund or the HS2 Woodland Fund will be eligible to apply for the Carbon Guarantee
  • Where an agreement offer has been signed prior to 29/10/18 (the date of the Autumn budget statement) the site will not be eligible to apply for the Carbon Guarantee
  • The guarantee will not be available where planting has commenced or the project had registered with the Woodland Carbon Code before 29/10/2018

Eligibility to apply for the Woodland Carbon Guarantee does not imply or confirm that Woodland Carbon Code additionality requirements will be met.

Last updated: 7th February 2019

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