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Ordering Images - Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Forestry Commission Picture Library.

The library catalogue is available online. Just add images to the lightbox and then submit an order. Images will be emailed to you, usually within a few days.

The rights to use images for non-exclusive commercial use, or use by third parties, may be purchased on application.

If you are working in partnership with the Forestry Commission, we may approve use free of charge if we control the copyright and approve your application.

Photographs are released on the understanding they are to be used in one project only, and only for the purposes set out in your application and agreed by us. All images should be deleted on completion of project. The unique number reference should never be deleted or replaced.  

All images are Crown Copyright unless otherwise stated. Images must be acknowledged 'Forestry Commission' (including the name of the photographer if stated).


Last updated: 28th July 2018