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How to navigate our website

This section contains information on how you can navigate around our main website. Different guidance is available for Forestry Commission Scotland.

This is a large site. We have very distincts sections such as Forestry Commission EnglandForest Research, and for our business areas such as Grants and Licences or Timber.

All these areas follow similar layouts to display their information:

At the top a banner with a search box allowing you to search the site. The top left logo will lead you back to the relevant homepage.

At the bottom a footer linking to corporate and shared services information:

  • About us will give you background information on the organisation

  • Contact us will provide with details to the various offices and staff

  • News - recent press releases

Many pages will also contain:

  • a left menu which will help you navigate the section

  • the main information in the central column

  • a right-hand side column with extra information of interest as well as link to other relevant pages on the site, links to other websites or links to events.

For other help subjects, please use the left-hand side menu.

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Last updated: 15th January 2016