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Volunteering opportunities in West District

There are lots of different opportunities for volunteering with the Forestry Commission in West England Forest District.

There are groups meeting throughout the week, others weekends, we have a variety of tasks some practical some survey based - whatever your interests and skills you can get involved.
For those interested in Work Experience across West England Forest District please contact  

Silver-studded Blue (Plebejus argus) Heathland species New ForestMortimer Forest

Butterfly Survey - For further information about dates, locations and times please contact

Volunteers. Forest of DeanWyre Forest

Conservation volunteer group meet on the last Saturday of each month, doing a variety of tasks and locations for further information contact

Volunteers. Forest of DeanForest of Dean

Dean Green Teem meet every Tuesday throughout the year carrying out a variety of wildlife conservation tasks in various locaitons across the Dean. For further details

Volunteers. Forest of DeanCyril Hart Arboretum group meet on the first Thursday of each month carrying out a variety of tasks from tree planting to general maintenance of the Arboretum. For further information on this group


Beechenhurst lies in the heart of the forest, and is one of four main recreation sites. It is home to the Sculpture Trail, play area, cafe, climbing tower and Tree Top Junior.  Beechenhurst Volunteers work alongside the Recreation Ranger providing support during weekends and schools holidays.  Tasks include site maintenance, car park management and visitor services.   For further information contact  

Dean Trail Volunteers meet regularly often twice a week digging various mountain bike trails, maintaining and building new trails and features with guidance and in partnership with the Forestry Commission. For further details

SMALL PEARL- BORDERD FRITLLARYHaugh Woods is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its butterflies and moths, particularly the Pearl Bordered Fritillary. There is plenty of coppicing during the winter and lots of opportunity for butterfly surveying in the summer moths. For further details Butterfly Conservation   or

Volunteers. Forest of DeanDymock Woods is recognised for its wild daffodils and other plants, animal and butterfly species, with this in mind the focus here is coppicing and habitat maintenance, with the summers taken up with surveying. For more information please contact

Foresters' Forest Heritage Lottery Landscape Partnership Programme have a variety of volunteer opportunities from outdoor tasks with a variety of focus from the built heritage, surveying wildlife and heritage through to conservation and a variety of office tasks too! For further details and to register interest please go to:

Savernake and Bristol

Volunteers. Forest of Dean

Savernake Forest Volunteer Group carry out various woodland management tasks from halo-ing beneath the ancient trees, surveying local fauna and flora, coppicing, pond clearance and other practical tasks. The group meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. For further information please contact                             


Hazel Coppice Coups

Leigh Woods Volunteer Group have a focus on being the eyes and ears for the Forestry Commission. Giving members opportunties to carry out informal inspections, report fly tip and surveying local fauna and flora. There are practical conservation tasks, coppicing, pond clearance. The group meet every first Monday of the month. For further information please contact                                           


We currently work in partnership with several mountain bike trail volunteer groups who build and maintain trails around the Bristol area. If you are interested in participating, please contact                                                                                               


Exmoor & Quantocks

Watch this space new volunteer opportunites are coming to this area soon!


Volunteers working on post and rail fencing. Haldon and South Devon Heritage Volunteer Team - this is a new group with a focus on historic features from old buildings through to hillforts. Meeting on a monthly basis (one month a weekday, the next a weekend). For further information with regard to this group and general volunteer opportunities in South Devon please contact

Trail Maintenance Team: We need volunteers to help maintain and improve the cycle trails at Haldon Forest Park. Join us every Thursday from 10am. Contact Gemma Ingall on 0300 067 5821 or e-mail

Last updated: 12th May 2018