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2014 Archive

2 December 2014 (678k) - Introducing Countryside Stewardship (CAP Reform leaflet) and important information about EWGS applications and contracts. 
2 October 2014 (335k) -Closure of English Woodland Grant Scheme, new environmental land management scheme and larch felling moratorium.7 August 2014 (423k) - Woodland Improvement Grant non fundable items - changes arising from the new Rural Development Programme.
5 June 2014 - Closure of Biodiversity Woodland Improvement Grant and EU Timber regulations simplified. 
20 May 2014 (713k) - Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant submissions deadline approaches and updates on the Woodland Creation Grant.
29 April 2014 (615k) - New Plant Health Woodland Improvment Grant and revised Woodland Regeneration Grant guidance.  Common Agricultural Policy Reform communications to customers. 
10 March 2014(918kb) - Re-issued Update on availability of grants
10 January 2014 (594kb) - Woodland Creation, a way ahead for grant support for the next two planting seasons


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