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Quick guide - collecting FRM

  1. Get permission from the owner of the collection site, or their agent, before starting the work.

  2. Use the Land Information Search to find out if there are any designations or other sensitivities that might need to be taken into account.

    Go to Land Information Search

  3. Give the following information to the Forestry Commission at least 14 days before collecting starts:
    • Collector’s name, address and contact details
    • Place of collection
    • Species
    • Gridreference of collection site
    • Basic material reference in the National Register, or for source identified (SI) material,
      region of provenance or seed zone (429k - pdf)
    • Proposed date and duration of collection

  4. Apply for a Master Certificate for the seeds or cuttings.  This must be done within nine months of collection or before marketing the FRM, whichever is earlier. 


  • Always Register with the Forestry Commission as a supplier before beginning a collection - use form FRM6

Forms and booklets

FRM 4A - Application form for Master Certificate - seed sources and stands (90k - pdf)
FRM 4B - Application form for Master Certificate - seed orchards or parent family (71k - pdf)
FRM 4C - Application form for Master Certificate - clones and clonal mixtures (76k - pdf)
FRM6 - How to register as a supplier (20k - pdf)
FRM7- Notification of Intention to Collect Seed

Last updated: 22nd November 2017