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Consultation and the Public Register


All woodland creation and tree felling proposals, other than those for thinning, are placed on the Public Register. There are formally agreed arrangements regarding consultation with statutory bodies e.g. with Natural England on proposals that affect Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), to ensure protected sites remain protected and are appropriately managed.

Further details on how we can consult and inform are contained in the booklet How we consult about woodland planting and tree felling (PDF 418kb)

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) project opinions and decisions are placed on the EIA Register.

Public registers

You can find out how to use each register via the left hand links. 

NB: There have been significant changes recently to The Register of Grant Schemes and Felling regarding how it is accessed and how you comment.

If you are familiar with the registers, gain direct access by using the links below:

Register of Grant Schemes and Felling

Register of Environmental Impact Assessment

Last updated: 31st January 2018