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Champion trees are the largest trees of their species growing within the British Isles.

Champion Katsura at WestonbirtChampion trees can qualify either by being the tallest or by having the largest trunk girth, measured at 1.5m off the ground.

The Tree Register of Britain and Ireland recorded 170 champion trees at Westonbirt in their 2014 survey.

Some trees' natural growth form means that they will always be relatively small in 'tree terms', while in other cases the tree may be a champion because its rarity means there are few other specimens growing elsewhere in the country and thus little competition. 

Why not use the Westonbirt Interactive Map to locate particular specimens before your visit?

Last updated: 1st May 2018


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The register of champion trees is maintained by The Tree Register of Britain and Ireland

Find a particular tree or specimen with the Westonbirt Interactive Map

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