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How to register basic material in the National Register of Approved Basic Material

Application for Registration

    • The Forestry Commission will consider applications only from owners, their agents or from those with the prior written authority of the owner



    • We may, when considering an application, want to inspect the Basic Material and check all relevant information


    • If we accept the proposed material, you will be given a copy of the register entry, including the unique register identity


    • Where we have given approval of Basic Material, you must retain copies of all documents relating to the application. These documents must be retained for five years from the date of the application, or for as long as the basic material remains on the National Register, whichever is the greater


    • If we reject an application we will inform you applicant and the owner (if different from the applicant). Appeals against rejection can be made


  • When FRM is to be produced from the Basic Material through vegetative propagation, we may give approval that lasts for a specified number of years, a specified number of cycles of propagation, or a total number of propagules

Seed Sources

It is not necessary to apply for registration for Source-identified material from seed sources. We have inserted entries into the National Register for each species at the region of provenance level (and seed zone with altitude band level for native species). However, you do need to follow the usual notification procedures for the collection of FRM.

Stands - Source-Identified or Selected

Application forms for the registration of Stands require basic details of the area proposed for registration. These are:

  • botanical name, planting year, area in hectares and origin (if known)
  • location details including forest or estate name, compartment number(s) and national grid reference
  • ownership and full contact details
  • age/planting year and area details
  • altitude of site
  • details of origin and yield class (if known)
  • two maps of the area (1:10 000 scale). One should be marked with the boundaries of the proposed area and one should be blank

It is unlikely that Source-identified stands will need to be inspected, but inspections of proposed selected stands will always be carried out.

Seed Orchards, Parents of Families, Clones and Clonal Mixtures

The same application form can be used to apply for the registration of these types of Basic Material. Whilst species and contact details will be essential, you will need to provide other information indicating that the requirements of the schedules have been satisfied. If you are involved in the establishment of Basic Material of these types then you should contact us at an early stage in their planning so we can consider your intentions and supporting information.

Last updated: 31st October 2017