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Winter at Westonbirt

Activity walksQuercus robur in the snow at Westonbirt.

Exploring evergreens - the winter months are a time for the evergreen trees and plants to show off!  Use our explorer sheet to see if you can find a cone with tufts, or a cone smaller than your thumb, and the hidden scent of cedar.

Winter wonders - as winter draws to a close there are many wonders to see, smell, touch and hear.  Can you hear the first woodpecker, spot some snowdrops nodding in the breeze, and smell the sweetness of witch hazel flowers? 

Playing through the season

Winter - come and find the tree waiting to meet you, build twig towers, explore trees blindfolded and create a winter animal shelter.

Winter ice art - following your winter walk in the woods, why not use some of the things you've collected to create an ice mobile for you garden!

Back at home

A feast for our feathered friends - make a feast from your Christmas leftovers to feed the birds this winter!  Download our sheet to discover how you can create some tasty feeders using cones from your woodland walks.

Tree diary - now is the ideal time to start a tree diary, choosing a special tree to watch and discover its secrets and changes throughout the year.

Leaves, worms and soil - discover how to be a worm detective, looking for worm plug and worm poo before using soil to create your own natural art

Twig windows - in winter time the deciduous trees have lost their leaves, and the shapes of trees can be seen in all their glory. When you go for a walk why not bring some fallen twigs back with you to make a beautiful twig window.

Last updated: 1st November 2016

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