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Woodland creation projects working towards, or having been certified as meeting, the requirements of the Code are registered with the Forestry Commission and listed in the UK Woodland Carbon Registry.

Only certified projects can carry the Woodland Carbon Code logo, reassuring the customer that their investment is providing the benefits stated.

 The Woodland Carbon Code logo is a registered trademark.  Rules of Use.

Last updated: 5th August 2017

What's of interest

As at 30 June 2017 in the UK: 

Number of projects:

  • Awaiting Validation:     96
  • Validated:                 143
  • Verified:                       3
  • Total:                       242

 Area of woodland (hectares):

  • Awaiting Validation:11,049
  • Validated:                5,020
  • Verified:                     148
  • Total:                   16,218

Projected carbon sequestration over project lifetime (up to 100 years, Million tCO2e)

  • Awaiting Validation:  3.5
  • Validated:                2.4
  • Verified                    0.1
  • Total:                      6.0

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