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Frequently asked questions


Q. How do I buy a Discovery Pass and can I visit the forest straight away?

A. You can purchase a pass for your local forest either online here or by phoning 0300 068 0400.  You can also buy on site at most forests. If buying on line or by phone, you will be sent a temporary Discovery Pass by email to print and display on your car windscreen, so you can enjoy visiting the forest straight away. Your temporary Discovery Pass will be valid for two weeks, in which time, your Discovery Pass pack should have arrived by post. Your temporary pass is only valid on the vehicles you have registered, as displayed on the pass. 

Please note temporary passes holders for High Lodge Thetford Forest and Alice Holt Forest should follow the instructions stated on the pass, rather than display it in your car. 

Q. What is included in the pack?

A. Your pack will consist of a car parking permit sticker*, which must be clearly displayed in your vehicle when visiting the forest named on the permit. You will also receive a discount card which is used to obtain a range of benefits. For full details of current discounts, please visit
*Please note for High Lodge Forest Centre, you will instead receive a plastic card to use for barrier entrance / exit, this card is also used for obtaining discounts.

Q. Does the pass cover two cars and can we have a second sticker?

A. The Discovery Pass scheme entitles you to park one car in the forest named on the permit at any one time, so only one car sticker is provided.

The pass can be used on either of your registered vehicles, however the scheme does not offer 'double car usage', so if you require 2 parking spaces at the same time, this would either require the purchase of an additional Discovery Pass or to pay for the additional car parking space as and when required. If you plan on taking your cars at separate times you can transfer the pass between them. 

Q. Can I display my discount card or confirmation email in my window?

A. No, neither can be accepted, the card is only used for obtaining discounts and your confirmation email is for your reference only. The car parking permit sticker must be on display in your vehicle when visiting the forest. Failure to display a parking permit or day parking ticket will result in you receiving a parking fine. If you have received a temporary pass due to buying online or buy phone this can be used for the period stated and within the terms stated on the pass itself.

Q. I regularly move my sticker between my two cars, so it is losing it’s stickiness, what can I do?

A. We can supply, free of charge, two permit holders, which you can place in each vehicle, enabling you to easily transfer the car permit sticker between cars. If you buy online and enter two car registration numbers, these will automatically be sent to you with your pack. Alternatively advise us via email at (or call 0300 068 0400) should you require these and they will be sent straight to you.   

Q. My car sticker is completely damaged, can it be replaced?

A. If your pass has been damaged, please return it to us by post, with a brief covering note to: Discovery Pass, Forestry Commission, Santon Downham,  Brandon, Suffolk IP27 0TJ. Once received we will arrange for a replacement to be delivered directly to you.

Q. I am buying online and I cannot see where I enter my car registration details?

A. Please complete the on-line purchase process and enter these details along with the rest of your account information. 

Q. I would like to buy a Discovery Pass as a gift, how do I do this? 

A. Please see here for details.


Q. Can one of my registered vehicles be a minibus?

A. Parking Permits cannot be used with minibuses or vehicles carrying more than 7 people. Please contact your local forest for details of minibus arrangements. Click here for contact details.  


Q. How do I change details of my registered cars?  
A. If you have given an email address when buying your Discovery Pass, you are likely to have been set up with an online account.  Click here  to log in to your account and (reset your password if neccesary). You can then update your car registration numbers online. 

Should you not have an online account please email details of any changes to and these will be updated for you. Should you not have access to email, you can call 0300 068 0400. 

There is no need for your car registration number/s to be displayed on your Parking permit, just continue to use your existing pass and ensure this is clearly displayed in your windscreen when visiting the forest.

Q. Can I change the details of car registrations on my temporary pass?

Temporary passes are issued by email for online and phone sales, for use in the first two weeks, whilst you wait for your pack to arrive.  Due to the short validity period we are unable to reissue or amend the detail on these.

Q. How do I change my address / phone number / email address?

A. If you have given an email address when buying your Discovery Pass, you are likely to have been set up with an online account.  Click here  to log in to your account and (reset your password if neccesary). You can then update your personal details online. 

Should you not have an online account please email details of any changes to and these will be updated for you. Should you not have access to email, you can call 01842 816000. 

Q. I am not receiving the Discovery Pass Newsletters?

A. Please send your email address and Discovery Pass account details, to us at and we will ensure this is activated on your account. Newsletters are sent four times a year. Alternatively please check your spam folder in your email account to ensure they are not being blocked.

Q. Why does my membership card have a different expiry date to my car permit sticker?

A. Membership cards are produced with quarterly expiry dates, so you may have a later date showing on your card, than on your car permit sticker. The date on your car permit sticker is your actual pass expiry date.  


Q. I have lost my car parking permit / membership card, can it be replaced?

A. We do advise you take care of your permit and card, as our terms and conditions state we are unable to replace lost or stolen passes. Please contact us at (or call 03000 680400) to report any lost passes.  


Q. Do you remind me when my pass is due to expire?

A. You will be sent an email (if email address has been provided) six weeks before your pass expires inviting you to log into your online account and renew your pass.  You will also receive a letter by post four weeks before expiry as well.  Renewing online is the easiest option.  If you are unable to renew online please call 03000 680400.  If you do choose to renew onsite, please do take your renewal letter with you.  


Q. Who will my payment card be charged by?

A. Payments made online or by phone for Discovery Passes are processed via YESpay, but are taken by the Forestry Commission.   On your card / bank statement this will show as 'Forestry Tickets/Pass'.   If you purchase at your local forest your card will either be charged by the Forestry Commission or the local retail provider.  


Q. Does the Forestry Commission offer a National Discovery Pass?

A. At the time of launching the Discovery Pass scheme we did extensive market research and found that primarily people wanted a pass to visit their local forest several times a year.  

We do however understand there is demand for a National Pass and this is certainly something we are hoping to introduce in the future. However the Government's Forestry and Woodlands Policy Statement January 2013 made a number of commitments to support the future of our forests in England. One of the most important was that England's Public Forest Estate would remain secured in public ownership.  It said that a new body will be created to hold the Estate in trust for the nation. 

As a result of this we have put our plans for a National Membership Scheme on hold until we know what this new body may look like. 

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Last updated: 7th October 2017

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