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Forthcoming Publications

Forthcoming National Statistics and Official Statistics releases

National Statistics publications are indicated by (NS).


19 Apr Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to March 2018  
24 Apr Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators: Headline Performance Indicators Update at 31 March 2018
17 May UK Wood Production and Trade: 2017 provisional figures (NS)
17 May Timber Price Indices: data to March 2018 (NS)
May Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Provisional 2017 data
14 Jun Woodland Area, Planting and Publicly Funded Restocking: 2018 Edition (NS)
14 Jun Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators 2018
Sep Nursery Survey: 2018 Edition
27 Sep Forestry Statistics 2018 (NS)
27 Sep Forestry Facts and Figures 2018 (NS)
Sep/Oct Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Final 2017 data
Sep/Oct Timber Forecast Questionnaire 2018: UK forecasts
15 Nov Timber Price Indices: data to September 2018 (NS)


Information on pre-release access to Forestry Commission official statistics can be found on the pre-release access pages, including lists of the individuals who are given pre-release access to specific publications.

As part of the Code of Practice, we publish any changes to release dates, for openness and full disclosure. A list of all changes can be found here.

Last updated: 16th February 2018