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Forthcoming Publications

Forthcoming statistical publications and releases

National Statistics publications are indicated by (NS) 


12 Apr National Forest Inventory summary and statistical analysis reports on tree cover outside woodland in Great Britain
13 Apr Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to March 2017
26 Apr Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators: Headline Performance Update at 31 March 2017
18 May UK Wood Production and Trade: 2016 provisional figures (NS)
18 May Timber Price Indices: data to March 2017 (NS)
18 May Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Provisional 2016 data
15 Jun Woodland Area, Planting and Restocking: 2017 Edition (NS)
20 Jul Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to June 2017
Sep Nursery Survey: 2017 Edition
28 Sept Forestry Statistics 2017
28 Sept Forestry Facts and Figures 2017
Sep/ Oct Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Final 2016 data
Sep/ Oct Timber Forecast Questionnaire 2017: UK forecasts
19 Oct Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to September 2017
9 Nov Timber Price Indices: data to September 2017 (NS)



25 Jan  Woodland Carbon Code Statistics: data to December 2017                                   


Information on pre-release access to Forestry Commission official statistics can be found on the pre-release access pages, including lists of the individuals who are given pre-release access to specific publications.

As part of the Code of Practice, we publish any changes to release dates, for openness and full disclosure. A list of all changes can be found here.

Last updated: 15th March 2017