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Recommended biosecurity disinfectants

Good biosecurity measures include the use of disinfectant where appropriate.

Propellar and Cleankill Sanitising Spray are known to be effective against Phytophthoras and other harmful tree and plant pathogens.

Generic Control of Substances Harmful to Health (COSHH) assessmentshave been carried out for both products.

The least hazardous option should always be selected unless there are very good reasons otherwise. In this case the COSHH assessments show that Cleankill Sanitising Spray has lower volatility, flammability and toxicity and therefore poses the lesser risk.

Safety data sheets for both products are included with the COSHH assessments.

Only the Cleankill product 'Sanitising Spray’ has been tested and found to be effective against the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum (P. ramorum).  The disinfectant marketed simply as ‘Cleankill’, which is commonly used as an animal health disinfectant, has not yet been tested for its effectiveness against P. ramorum, so it should not be used as an alternative.

Last updated: 5th September 2017