UK Soil Observatory partnership wins award for excellence

The UK Soil Observatory (UKSO) has won an award from the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) for ‘excellence with impact’. Both Forest Research and the Forestry Commission are partners in the UKSO, which provides information and soil data about the diverse UK soil types to the public and science communities.

One of several awards announced at the AGI’s 2014 Awards for Geospatial Excellence ceremony in November, this category recognises those projects that have achieved outstanding success or impact.

The judges described the UKSO as: “An ambitious project with huge potential as a spatial research resource for a range of fields including agriculture and geotechnical engineering.”

Forest Research and the Forestry Commission provide spatial forest soil map data and point soil carbon data from the BioSoil soil monitoring network.

Over a century of data

The UKSO partners have been monitoring soils since the beginning of the last century. Together, they have many years of research experience, having collected tens of thousands of soil samples and performed hundreds of different analytical methods. Today, this results in a powerful data resource for soil research in the UK and Europe.

Visualise your local soil

A UK Soil Observatory map viewer allows you to visualise soil information and explore the soil environment where you live.

The partners are currently working towards making more of their long-term monitoring datasets readily visible and accessible through the UKSO.

Other UKSO partners include: The James Hutton Institute, Cranfield University, British Geological Survey, Rothamsted Research, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute.