Meeting shares experiences of climate ready forestry

Our climate is changing and this is impacting on the forestry sector; particularly noticeable are the extreme weather events which can bring high winds and heavy rainfall.  The period from mid-December 2013 to mid-February 2014 saw at least 12 major winter storms, and, when considered overall, this was the stormiest period of weather the UK has experienced for at least 20 years.

Today (6th October 2015) foresters, policymakers and researchers meet near Aberfoyle to discuss the actions the forestry sector is taking to make it more able to cope with our changing climate.  The event is funded by ClimateXChange and hosted by Forest Research and Forestry Commission Scotland.  It brings people together to share knowledge and experience about the management of forests for resilience and to enable them to better cope with wind risk, slope stability/soil erosion and flooding.

During the day site visits and group discussions are being used to share learning about practical approaches to forest management for resilience and draw out opportunities, successes, on-going challenges and possible solutions.  The event provides participants with ideas to try in practice and highlights sources of support and information.  Insights from practice will be used to inform policy making and research to support climate ready forestry.

A range of information and guidance about climate ready forestry, including videos and links to decision support tools, is available on the Forest Research website and on the Forestry Commission Scotland website.