Ellen Sanders, BA

Ellen SandersMapping Officer

Email: ellen.sanders@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (0)300 067 4093

620, Bristol Business Park
Coldharbour Lane,
BS16 1EJ

Ellen Sanders joined the Forestry Commission in 2007 where she worked as admin Officer for Forest Services for two year before joining M&G in 2010.

Current role

Mapping Officer

The experience of working within Forest Services ensured that Ellen was in a strong position to deliver good customer service within M&G due to her knowledge of FC grants and licences.

When the phytophthora ramorum outbreak occurred in 2010 she worked closely with the Tree Health team to ensure that detailed spatial records were maintained, work that she has continues to do date.

As Data Management becomes a more significant part of M&G’s role Ellen has played a key part in gathering and maintaining Plant Health Data to be shared across different platforms.

Current projects

  • Mapping Support for Forest Services, maintenance of grants and licence datasets

  • Mapping Support for Tree Health England, in particular for phytophthora ramorum and sweet chestnut blight

  • Creating and maintaining spatial data to be loaded onto Forester Web