Andrew Rattey, BSc, MSc

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Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Andrew Rattey joined Forest Research in 2016, where he has specialised in GIS and spatial data analysis with a particular focus on ecosystem services.  He studied for a BSc (Hons) in Ecology at the University of Stirling and two MSc’s in Ecology and GIS, both at Aberdeen University.

Current role

GIS Analyst

Andrew currently provides GIS analytical support within the Land Use and Ecosystem Services programme, particularly focusing on the assessment of ecosystem services and works closely with other colleagues in different disciplines and with a wide range of researchers outside FR.

Current projects

  • Strathard project
    managing the collection, analysis, and visualisation of project spatial data.  Responsible for production of final opportunity maps to identify optimal locations for land/water management actions in project area.
  • Oak Processionary Moth project
    Role entails data exploration and spatial analysis including spatial location queries and cluster analysis.
  • PURPOSE project
    Role is to provide GIS supervision to relevant project staff members and assist with developing project-specific spatial analysis methodologies.

Affiliations and achievements

  • Member of the Association for Geographic Information.
  • Member of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (Iale UK).