Ioan Andrei Manea, Phd

Research Entomologist

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Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Andrei joined Forest Research as an entomologist in 2016, having previously spent 4 years in the Forest Protection Department of the Romanian National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (Marin Drăcea).  As an assistant researcher, Andrei was involved in a range of technical projects with ROMSILVA, the National Forest Administration to survey, control, and limit outbreaks of the most important conifer forest pests, including bark beetles, pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) and nun moth.

Current role

Research Entomologist

To work as part of the EU-funded Neurostresspep project to assist in the development of a new `green` method for controlling Hylobius abietis. This beetle is considered to be the principal forestry restocking pest in the UK, and currently managed primarily by insecticide application.

Current programmes

  • Neurostresspep
    As part of a research consortium, we will aid in the identification and trialling of a targeted neuropeptide-based control method for pine weevil. Laboratory work will include the selection & testing of neuropeptide candidates, and nursery trials will explore delivery methods and efficacy under field-realistic conditions.

More details of this project are available at the Neurostresspep website

Main recent publications

Vasian, I., Pop, A., Manea A., I., Oprean I. 2015 New Studies about Identification of some Ecomonal Compounds for Attraction of the Large Pine Weevil, Hylobius abietis, by GC-MS Analysis, Revista de Chimie -Bucharest- Original Edition- 2(66):205-209.

Olenici, N., Manea, A., I., Olenici, V., Tomescu, R., 2014: Efficacy of conifer seedling protection against pine weevil damage using neonicotinoids and metaflumizone insecticides., Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov Series II: Forestry • Wood Industry • Agricultural Food Engineering • Vol. 7 (56) No.1 – 2014.

Manea I., A., Manea V., Smirnov I., Vișan G., 2013: Diurnal dynamics of resinous bark beetles in different exposition in Postăvarul Mountain. Revista de Silvicultura și Cinegetica – Anul XVIII/32/2013.

Manea I., A., Manea V., Vasile D., 2013 Monitoring Lymantria monacha L. defoliator on coniferous trees for an alert outbreak occurrence., Lucrări științifice Vol. 56, nr. 2, Seria horticultură, Editura “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, ISSN–L=1454-7376, (Print)-ISSN 1454-7376, (Online)=ISSN 2069-8275, (CD-ROM) = ISSN 2069 – 847X pp. 448 - 453.

V.Mihalciuc., I. Oprean., I. Vasian., I., A., Manea., 2011: The effect of attractants on pine bark beetles in 2006 – 2009  period of field tests carried on in Romania., Biotic Risks and Climate Change in Forests 10th IUFRO  Workshop of WP 7.03.10 „ Methodology of Forest Insect and Disease Survey in Central Europe” Freiburg, Germany 89, ISSN 1436 – 1566, pp. 127 – 134.

Isaia, G., Manea, A., Paraschiv, M., 2010:  Study on the Effect of Pheromones on the Bark Beetles of the Scots Pine. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov, Vol. 3 (52), Series II: 67-72.

Isaia, G., Manea, I.A., 2009. Testing the preferences of Scolytinae for various pines in Romania. IUFRO Working Party 7.03.10 Proceedings of the Workshop 2008, Štrbské Pleso / Slovacia, pp. 63-69

Isaia, G., Manea, I.A., 2008. Researches upon the Leucaspis Genus in Romania and Portugal. Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov, vol. 1 (50), Series II, p. 13-20




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