Jake Morris, BA, MA, PhD

Social Scientist

Jake Morris

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Forest Research
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Jake Morris studied for a Honours Degree in modern languages at Oxford University, followed by a Masters at the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of London. In 2004 he completed an ESRC-funded doctoral thesis on local participation and protected area management, based at the Sociology Department of Lancaster University, where he then continued to work as a post-doctoral research fellow.

He joined Forest Research in August 2005.

Current role

Social Scientist, Social and Economic Research Group

Jake manages and contributes to a variety of the social research projects under the “Well-being”, “Governance”, “Society and Diversity” and “Evaluation and Appraisal” research programmes.

Responsibilities include the design, execution and management of social scientific research in support of sustainable land use in UK and Europe.

Current and recent programmes

Evaluation and appraisal


  • Learning from monitoring and evaluation
    Responsible for the delivery of a programme of research to assess best practice in M&E, and provide models to ensure the findings of M&E are assimilated within the Forestry Commission and applied in ways that help make the organisation and its partners more responsive, adaptive and sustainable.


  • Active England evaluation
    An evaluation of five woodland projects which aimed to increase physical activity amongst under-represented groups. Responsibilities included research design, management and reporting.
  • Estimating visitor and visit numbers to woodlands
    A review of methods and tools that are used by forest managers and practitioners to estimate visitor, visit and total numbers of visits to woodlands.

Society and diversity

Main recent publications

O'Brien, L., Morris, J., and Stewart, A. 2014. Engaging with Peri-Urban Woodlands in England: The Contribution to People’s Health and Well-Being and Implications for Future Management Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2014, 11(6),

Behaviour Change Review

(Morris, J. Marzano, M., Dandy, N. O’Brien, L. 2012.)

  1. Summary report: Forestry, sustainable behaviours and behaviour change – setting the scene
  2. Policy context: influencing and changing behaviours
  3. Theories and models of behaviour and behaviour change
  4. Lessons learned from interventions and evaluations
  5. Forestry, sustainable behaviours and behaviour change – discussion paper

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Conference proceedings

Morris, J., O’Brien, L., Ambrose-Oji, B., Lawrence, A. and Carter, C. Access for all? Barriers to accessing woodlands and forests in the UK. In Ambrose-Oji, B.  and Fancett, K., (Eds.), (2011) Woods and forests in British society: progress in research and practice (PDF-1646K). Forest Research Monograph: 3. Forest Research, Surrey. ISBN 978-0-85538-828-7.

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