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Vadim Sarajev


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Forest Research
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(Previously Vadims Sarajevs).

Vadim conducts economic research on the Forest Research portfolio.

He has a PhD on monetary issues in transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe from Queen Mary, University of London. He has worked for the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition in Helsinki on various macroeconomic issues in transition countries; and for the Department of Economics at the University of Stirling on applied economic research, including returns to education, simulating the cost of care for elderly people, and income determinants dynamics in older age.

Vadim joined Forest Research in December 2007.

Current role


Planning development and integration of economics research into the Forest Research portfolio.

Current programmes

Forest economics: appraisal, valuation and incentives

Research areas

  • International macroeconomics, finance and monetary economics
  • Applied time-series and panel data econometrics
  • Dynamic optimisation and numeric simulation
  • Woodfuel and biofuel in forest management and climate change.

Recent publications

Barsoum, N., Gill, R., Henderson, L., Peace, A., Quine, C., Saraev, V., and G. Valatin (2016) Biodiversity and rotation length: economic models and ecological evidence. Forestry Commission Research Note, FCRN022.

Saraev, V. (2015). Estimating the amenity value of woodland views at a national scale with applied GIS spatial analysis. Scottish Forestry, 69 (1), 18-25.

Ambrose-Oji, B., Saraev, V., Peace, A., Conolly, T., Stewart, A., Chetcuti, J and Edwards, D.,  2014,  An Evaluation of the WIAT Challenge Fund: Changing use patterns, the value of recreation and health benefits, and lessons learned.  Roslin, Forest Research report to Forestry Commission Scotland.

Saraev, V. (2012). Economic benefits of greenspace: a critical assessment of evidence of net economic benefits. Forestry Commission Research Report. Forestry Commission. Edinburgh.

Valatin, G., and Saraev, V. (2012). Natural Environment Framework: Woodland Creation case study. Research Report. Forest Research. Edinburgh.

Ambrose-Oji B., Stewart A., Handley P., Sarajevs V., and Valatin G. (2012) Evaluation of the Better Woodlands for Wales Grant Scheme, Research Report, Forest Research, Farnham.

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