Tools to support forest management decisions

Web-based and/or downloadable decision support packages. Other tools will be added as they become available.


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  • Managing for Timber Quality Decision Support System
    The Managing for Timber Quality Decision Support System provides information about the timber properties that are likely to be produced depending on location and management, enabling better forest planning and marketing of produce.
  • Forest Yield (has a separate login)
  • Deer Model
    Red deer population dynamics model.
  • Ecological Site Classification Decision Support System
    Guidance on selecting suitable species for forest sites, based on the Ecological Site Classification method. ESC3 incorporates future climate change projections.
  • Establishment Management Information System
    Best practices for upland restocking.
  • ForestGALES 
    Decision support tool enabling forest managers to estimate the probability of wind damage to any conifer stand in Britain.
  • Herbicide Advisor
    Expert system advise on the relative efficacy of different herbicides for scenarios with a mix of weed and crop species, at varying times of the year.
  • Hill Grazing Management Model
    Predicts the foraging behaviour of hill sheep in the British uplands and provides estimates of the proportion of the annual dry matter production of each vegetation community that is likely to be removed.
  • Hylobius Management Support System
    Decision support system to help foresters predict and reduce damage and costs due large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis.