Simon Morath, HNC, BSc Hons, PhD

Simon MorathEntomology Diagnostician and Trainer


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Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
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Simon originally joined Forest Research in 2012, working on various projects including Dothistroma (Red Band needle blight), Phythopthora ramorum, and Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Chalara die back of ash) before working for a year in the Land Regeneration and Urban Greenspace group.

As of 2014 Simon Morath works in tree health as an entomology diagnostician and trainer. He graduated with a PhD in Forest Ecology from Royal Holloway University of London in 2013.

Current role:

Entomology Diagnostician and Trainer

Responsible for providing diagnosis, advice and training on the many disorders that affect trees in Britain with a focus on insect pests.

Current programmes:

Advisory and Extension
To contribute towards an effective, efficient, and impartial disease diagnostic and advisory service on tree health.

Scientific support for Phytosanitary Regulation
Provision of entomological support to the Forestry Commission Plant Health Service, investigating instances of non-indigenous insects intercepted entering the UK on timber, wooden packaging and other wood associated products, with emphasis on identification of prohibited organisms.

Main recent publications:

Morath, S., Handley, P., Doick, K., Hutchins, T. (2014) Modelling the effects of tree cover and impervious surfaces on river flow rate using iTree Hydro v5. Forest Research Technical Report.

Morath, S.M., Fielding, N., Tilbury, C., Jones, B. (2015). Oriental Chestnut Gall Wasp: News of a recent unwelcome discovery and how ‘citizen science’ can paly an important role in surveying and identification. Quarterly Journal of Forestry. 109, No.4, 253-258.

Muiruri, E.W., Milligan, H.T., Morath, S.M., Koricheva, J. (2015) Moose browsing alters tree diversity effects on birch growth and insect herbivory. Functional Ecology. 29, 724-732.

Hasse, J., Castagneyrol, J., Cornelissen, H.C., Ghazoul, J., Kattge, J., Koricheva, J., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Morath, S.M., Jactel, H. (2015). Contrasting effects of tree diversity on young tree growth and resistance to insect herbivores across three biodiversity experiments. Okios, 124, issue 12, 1674-1685.