Tom Locatelli, BSc, PhD

Tom LocatelliClimate Change Researcher

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Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Tom Locatelli joined Forest Research in 2016, to work on climate change adaptation, particularly within the ClimateXChange project. Previously Tom was employed as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh, where he worked on wind risk assessment for conifer and broadleaves forest stands under the Woodland Carbon Code, as well as on the operationalisation of the concept of Ecosystem Services as part of the EU-funded OPERAs project. Tom obtained his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, for his work on the development and sensitivity testing of Forest Research’s wind risk model ForestGALES, and its applications to silvicultural choices in a changing climate.

Current role

Climate Change Researcher

Current programmes


  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Supporting Forest Research’s role in the Scottish Government ClimateXChange project by developing and promoting climate change adaptation in the forestry sector.

Tree stability and wind risk to forests

  • Assisting the development of future-climate-proofed ForestGALES wind-risk model incorporating alternative species (including broadleaves), and alternative silvicultural systems.

Climate change adaptation

  • Assessing the resilience of Scottish forests to climatic changes and deliver resilient forests. Supporting the forestry sector to adapt to climate change by promoting knowledge exchange between policy, industry, and research.

Forestry and climate change mitigation

  • Measuring the effect of forest management on greenhouse gases exchange at Harwood Forest, Northumberland.

Main recent publications

Locatelli, T., Tarantola, S., Gardiner, B. and Patenaude, G., 2017. Variance-based sensitivity analysis of a wind risk model - Model behaviour and lessons for forest modelling. Environmental Modelling & Software, 87, pp.84-109. 

Locatelli, T., Gardiner, B., Tarantola, S., Nicoll, B., Bonnefond, J.M., Garrigou, D., Kamimura, K. and Patenaude, G., 2016. Modelling wind risk to Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.) stands. Forest Ecology and Management, 365, pp.159-173.

Locatelli, T., Binet, T., Kairo, J.G., King, L., Madden, S., Patenaude, G., Upton, C. and Huxham, M., 2014. Turning the tide: how blue carbon and payments for ecosystem services (PES) might help save mangrove forests. Ambio, 43(8), pp.981-995.