Ian Macleod

Mapping and Geodata Programme Manager

E-mail: ian.macleod@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Tel: +44 (0)300 067 5147

Silvan House
231, Corstorphine Road
EH12 7AT

Ian joined the Forestry Commission in 1984 fulfilling a range of administrative roles before joining what is now Information Services. During this period Ian became increasingly involved in Geographic Information systems (GIS); initially supporting the Laser-scan software that was first used to capture spatial data in the early 1990’s, then ESRI software as it began to come increasingly to the fore.

Ian became Mapping & Geodata (M&G) Programme Manager in 1999 and has fulfilled the role ever since. During this time M&G has been heavily involved in the capture of many of the FC’s major spatial datasets; subcompartments, coupes, deeds, roads, utilities, soils, Woodland Grant Schemes, Felling Licences and many others.

Today the ‘Mapping and Geodata’ team delivers a wide range of mapping and data services; it still produces traditional mapping in support of land transactions, it manages the Forestry Commission’s core spatial data repository, it has captured and continues to maintain a number of key spatial datasets (increasingly using satellite imagery to support this), it supports the delivery of key EU, Westminster and Scottish Government initiatives such as INSPIRE and, more recently, #OpenDEFRA.

Current role

Mapping and Geodata Programme Manager

Managing a team of 12 permanent and several temporary staff, delivering a range of mapping and spatial data related functions.

Current programmes

  • Mapping
    • Mapping supporting Estates transactions
    • Mapping supporting registration of the National Forest Estate in ScotlandMapping supporting Scottish Forest Renewables transactions
  • Digitising
    • Currently; English Woodland Grant Scheme, Felling Licences, Utilities, Deeds, Plant Health
  • Data Management
    • Acquiring, processing and distributing core spatial data:  Ordnance Survey, Aerial Photography, Remote Sensing (Sentinel), Soil, Geology
    • Managing data on FC Spatial Data Repository
    • Open Data:  supporting countries in fulfilment of Open Data obligations such as INSPIRE and #OpenDEFRA
  • Remote Sensing
    • Using satellite data to identify change for National Forest Inventory map and increasingly exploring other remote sensing opportunities
  • Advisory
    • Advice to users on spatial data, licensing, acknowledgement & procurement

Other affiliations and responsibilities

  • Member of both ‘Public Sector’ and ‘One Scotland’ Mapping Agreement Steering Groups. These are the agreements via which FC obtains Ordnance Survey material

Main recent publications

Responsible for publishing spatial data, FC material can be found on several sites: