Plant, tree, soil and water testing

Chemical analysis of plant, water and soil samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products.

  • Chemical Analysis and Laboratory
    Chemical Analysis Laboratory providing a wide range of inorganic analyses for plant, soil and water samples described below.
  • Foliar Analysis
    Chemical analysis of foliage of common forest species, with an optional fertiliser prescription.
  • Plant Analysis
    Chemical analysis of plant, wood, root tissue and even animal tissue (e.g. invertebrates).
  • Water Analysis
    Chemical analysis of effluents, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, tap water, springs and wells.
  • Soil Advice
    Provide expertise and knowledge regarding soils to customers.
  • Soil Analysis
    Chemical analysis of soil, compost, sludge, manure, incinerator ash and other wastes applied to land.
  • Plant quality testing
    For nursery managers and foresters to obtain information on the quality of their stock before planting.