Tree pest and disease alerts and advisory notes

Bulletins and handbills showing signs and symptoms of tree pests and diseases and advice on what to do if you suspect the pest or disease is present.

Pitch Canker Field guide

Field guide

Path Note 16 Neonectria

Pathology note

Horse Chestnut bleeding canker (PDF-737K)

Research note

Xylella fastidiosa

(FC) Pest Alert

A summary of the causes, symptoms and management of Xylella fastidiosa

Ash dieback (PDF-640K)

Exotic Pest Alert

A summary of the causes, symptoms and management of ash dieback diseases caused by the Chalara fraxinea fungus.

 Asian Longhorn Beetle (PDF-918K)

Exotic Pest Alert

Diagnostic details of a quarantine pest of broadleaved trees.

Dothistroma needle blight (PDF-2536K)

Field guide 2012

Sampling guidance, symptoms and further information.

Dutch Elm Disease diagnosis (PDF-838K)

Information sheet

Symptoms and how to confirm the diagnosis.

Dutch Elm disease – Q&A (PDF-193K)

Pathology Advisory Note 10

Answers to common questions.

Oak pinhole borer (PDF-264K)

Tree Pest Advisory Note

Wood boring beetle Platypus cylindrus that infests and breeds in cut trees, windblown trees, standing dead and dying trees.

Revised: April 2010.

Oak processionary moth (PDF-412K)

Tree Pest Advisory Note

A major defoliator of oak in Europe.

Phytophthora austrocedrae on juniper (PDF-1215K)

Information sheet

Symptoms and how to collect and send samples for diagnosis.

Pine-tree Lappet Moth (PDF-595K)

Pest Alert

A threat to forests in Britain.

Problems on plane trees (PDF-437K)

Pathology Advisory Note 7

Pathogens that could potentially be very damaging to Planes (Platanus spp.) in the UK.

Salt damage to trees (PDF-635K)

Pathology Advisory Note 11

Describes the symptoms of damage caused by de-icing salt.

Western Conifer Seed Bug (PDF-235K)

Plant pest fact sheet

Leptoglossus occidentalis is a Nearctic leaffooted pine bug that is a relatively serious pest of conifer seed nurseries, particularly Douglas fir.


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