The Forest Research Monograph series provides in-depth details on particular subjects for those interested in the background work as well as the headline results. They can be on any topic that our researchers are working on and will build-up to provide a useful resource of material covering a wide range of topics. The Monographs have gone through a rigorous in-house review procedure before being published as PDFs and given an ISBN number.

Publication coverOpportunity mapping for woodland to reduce flooding in the Yorkshire and the Humber region (PDF-6947K)

By Samantha Broadmeadow and Tom Nisbet.

Study to assist Forestry Commission England identify sites where the creation or expansion of woodland could be expected to reduce flood risk, while consistent with the established priorities for protected sites and designated landscapes.

Forest Research Monograph: 1
ISBN 978-0-85538-822-5

Publication coverShort rotation forestry: review of growth and environmental impacts (PDF-3255K)

By Helen McKay (Ed.)

This review updates the Hardcastle review (2006) of the environmental impacts of growing fastgrowing broadleaved species as short rotation forestry in Britain and where possible strengthens it using primary unpublished data.

Forest Research Monograph: 2
ISBN 978-0-85538-827-0

Publication coverWoods and forests in British society: progress in research and practice (PDF-2066K)

By Bianca Ambrose-Oji and Karen Fancett (Eds.).

Papers presented at the Trees and Forests in British society conference in April 2010.

Forest Research Monograph: 3
ISBN 978-0-85538-828-7

Publication coverWoodland for Water: Woodland measures for meeting Water Framework Directive objectives (PDF-1912K)

By Tom Nisbet, Martyn Silgram, Nadeem Shah, Katrina Morrow and Samantha Broadmeadow.

This report considers the key issues relating to woodland and the Water Framework Directive (WFD) in England and Wales, but has application to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Forest Research Monograph: 4
ISBN 978-0-85538-830-0