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Chloe Bellamy


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Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY

Chloe joined Forest Research in 2013. Her research focuses on modelling and mapping the wide range of benefits that woodlands, wooded landscapes, and other greenspace provide to people and wildlife. She previously co-developed the ecosystem services mapping toolkit, EcoServ-GIS, at Durham Wildlife Trust and has a PhD on habitat suitability modelling for bats from the University of Leeds.

Current role

Spatial Scientist

Chloe focusses on developing spatial models and indicators of ecosystem services and species distributions. This research identifies socio-ecological drivers at local to landscape scales, helping us to us better understand how and why the functioning and use of habitats varies across space and time. The mapped outputs inform evidence-based spatial planning decisions and the prioritisation of resources in an effort to protect or restore ecosystems that benefit society and provide habitats for priority species.

Current projects

  • Models and Methods work area lead for the Land Use and Ecosystem Services Science Group
  • SCALEFORES: co-developing multiscale ecosystem service models with partners at  Southampton University and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Putting UK bats on the map: working with the Bat Conservation Trust to trial a woodland bat survey methodology and to develop an ensemble habitat suitability modelling framework designed to uncover drivers of UK woodland bat distributions at local, regional and national scales.
  • GREEN SURGE: developing and applying methods to map urban green infrastructure features and biodiversity indicators for Edinburgh and other European cities, with a focus on urban pollinators
  • Strathard: A landscape to live work and play: developing and applying methods to quantify and map the benefits and challenges of the Strathard landscape as part of this multi-agency partnership project

Recently completed projects

  • SPAtial Decisions for Ecosystem Services (SPADES): Research and spatial modelling to support the creation of an ecosystem services decision support tool for developers and local authorities with funding from InnovateUK and eCountability
  • Biodiversity offsetting toolkit: Research and spatial modelling to support the creation of a biodiversity offsetting decision support tool for developers and local authorities with funding from InnovateUK and eCountability

Affiliations and responsibilities

Main recent publications

Peer reviewed papers

Palomo I, Willemen L, Drakou E, Burkhard B, Crossman N,
Bellamy C, Burkhard K, Campagne CS, Dangol A, Franke J,
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services mapping. One Ecosystem 3: e20713
doi: 10.3897/oneeco.3.e20713

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Bellamy, C., Scott, C., & Altringham, J. (2013). Multiscale, presence-only habitat suitability models: fine-resolution maps for eight bat species. Journal of Applied Ecology, 50(4), 892–901

Blogs, newsletters & other online content

Bellamy et al. (2017) Mapping predicted supply, demand and use of urban cultural ecosystem services in support of green infrastructure planning. Poster presentation for GREEN SURGE conference, Malmӧ, September 2017.

Bellamy et al. (2017) Urban greenspace – space for nature and people? Notes from the ESCom Scotland - BES Scottish Policy Group Pie and a Pint.

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Bellamy, C. (2011) Predictive modelling of bat-habitat relationships on different spatial scales. University of Leeds PhD thesis.