Published work by Forest Research scientists on flooding, woods and water

Trees surrounded by flood water following heavy rain.  Download the Flooding, Woods and Water bibliography (PDF-91k)

The extensive flooding in UK and the IPCC fifth annual assessment report has focused attention on the role of trees and woodland in flooding and flood risk management. This bibliography brings together recently published work by Forest Research scientists, and includes publications produced by the Forestry Commission, Forest Research and partners together with papers published in journals.

Information about Forest Research’s current work in this area can be found on the ‘Forest Hydrology' webpages

An example of current work that may have potential to alleviate flooding is the Defra-funded partnership project at Pickering in North Yorkshire entitled ‘Slowing the flow’. The project began in 2009 with the aim of demonstrating an alternative approach to protecting vulnerable communities from flooding and finished in 2015. It trialled different land management measures to reduce flood risk.  

Availability of references

References published by the Forestry Commission or Forest Research can be found on their respective web pages:

Journal articles and reports published by other bodies are not available on the Forestry Commission or Forest Research websites. Forestry Commission staff can obtain copies of journal articles through Research Information Services; external users should use their institution's library services or the British Lending Library Interlibrary loans scheme.