Martin Price BSc, MSc, PhD

Operational Support Officer

Martin Price


Tel direct: +44 (0)300 067 5181

Forest Research


Martin completed a BSc (Honours) degree in forest management from Aberdeen in 1999 having spent a year with Dornoch Forest District in 1997. Martin worked the next eighteen months with the US Forest Service in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington State in timber pre-sale, wildfire control, and wildlife management positions. Martin subsequently returned to the UK and gained an MSc with Distinction in environmental forestry from Bangor in 2002, followed by a year working in private forestry with Scottish Woodlands based in northern Scotland. Martin left to pursue a PhD on the harvesting and economics of Continuous Cover Forestry at Bangor, completed in 2007. Martin joined the Forestry Commission in 2008 as a research forester in Technical Development (Forest Research), principally investigating woodfuel and forest biomass production and harvesting in small stem crops. He spent a year as National Forest Inventory (IFOS) QA staff in 2009 before returning to Technical Development. Martin took up his present role in April 2012.

Current role

Operational Support Officer

Provides operational support to the three countries, principally concerning forest management issues around chemical use and Hylobius abietis control.
Responsible for development and management of a number of key operational business systems. 

Current programmes

Forester GIS - Project Manager

  • Lead for Contract Mapper, Chemical Database, Bulletin-Board and local data migration

Operational Support

  • Sit on and support the forest Management Officers GB group
  • GB lead on Hylobius abietis control and adaption
  • Lead in chemical use reporting and support on procurement and use
  • Forest Management representation on FISA working groups

Other affiliations and responsibilities

  • Wales Committee Member of the Continuous Cover Forestry Group
  • Co-chair of the Hylobius Plant Protection Group

Main recent publications

Price, C. and Price, M. (2009) Cost-benefit analysis of continuous cover forestry. Scandinavian Forest Economics 42. 36-65.

Hale, S. E., Edwards, C., Mason, B., Price, M. and Peace, A. (2009) Relationships between canopy transmittance and stand parameters in Sitka spruce and Scots pine stands in Britain. Forestry 82 (5 ) 503-513

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