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There were no maps left outside the toilets when we went on 14/06/17

E. Graham, 15/Jun/2017

Thanks for letting us know and apologies for the oversight. For future reference, it's also possible to pick up a map from the tearoom.

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Four of us went to see the nest and Ospreys in the past week. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. No sign of a flying osprey. Fine. We were very keen to see the nest but the telescopes used by the staff are not powerful enough to see anything clearly. Unless you go with a very powerful telescope you will not see the nest and birds.

Charlie, 1/Jun/2017
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I visited Dodd Wood and climbed the summit trail as a 7 year old 41 years ago with my parents and siblings. It triggered a lifelong love of fell walking. 41 years later and 20odd years since my last visit I took my family including five year old son to the summit in perfect weather. The Forestry Commission do a great job with the Dodd - many thanks to them and their diligence.

Andrew Fitton, 2/Oct/2016

Is the path buggy friendly thanks

Joanne, 30/May/2016

The trails have gravel or earth surfaces with some sections that will be more uneven with some larger stones, there are also steep inclines and some narrow footbridges so we wouldn't describe them as accessible for buggies. If you have an off road buggy and are prepared for some manoeuvring then the trails to the osprey viewpoints would be manageable. If you'd like more detailed advice please call us on 017687 78469.

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Some of the posts with coloured arrows on are extremely confusing. They certainly don't make it obvious which direction to take. We spoke to another couple who were also confused on which path to take

H lambert, 22/Apr/2016

Thanks for your feedback. We will ask the ranger team to investigate and look into improving the signage, especially where the trails are diverted following winter storm damage. You can also pick up a free map from the tearoom or the dispensers on the toilet block. Hope you will visit again soon.

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